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Program Objective

To prepare students for the State of Florida Barber's Board Examination to become a licensed Barber. To help students build their confidence and prepare them for the real world.


Program Description

The Barber program will prepare you to obtain the knowledge and expertise necessary to work in a high-end traditional or modern barbershop/salon. This comprehensive program will provide you with the proper training in a variety of areas such as the following: cutting with shears, styling hair, modern fades, shaving techniques as well as chemicals (perms/relaxers) in order to offer clients an array of services including artistic designs using color combinations to name a few. After the completion of this exciting program, you will have the skills necessary to be a platform artist, become a celebrity barber, or work with the most competitive companies in the industry.



Program Requirements

HIV102 - HIV/AIDS (2 Hours)
BA101 - Life & Study Skills (15 Hours)
BA102 - The History Of Barbering (30 Hours)
BA103 - Professional Image (40 Hours)
BA104 - Microbiology (40 Hours)
BA105 - Infection Control & Safe Work Practices (60 Hours)
BA106 - Implements, Tools & Equipment (60 Hours)
BA107 - Anatomy & Physiology (50 Hours)
BA108 - Chemistry (50 Hours)
BA109 - Electricity & Light Therapy (35 Hours)
BA110 - Properties & Disorders Of The Skin (50 Hours)
BA111 - Properties & Disorders Of The Hair & Scalp (50 Hours)
BA112 - Treatments Of The Hair & Scalp (40 Hours)
BA113 - Shaving & Facial Hair Design (60 Hours)
BA114 - Men's Haircutting & Styling (75 Hours)
BA115 - Men's Hair Replacement (50 Hours)
BA116 - Women's Haircutting & Styling (60 Hours)
BA117 - Chemical Texture Services (120 Hours)
BA118 - Hair Coloring & Lightening (120 Hours)
BA119 - Nails & Manicuring (53 Hours)
BA120 - State Board Preparation & Licensing Laws (60 Hours)
BA121 - The Job Search (35 Hours)
BA122 - Barbershop Management (45 Hours)

Barber Textbooks & Reference Materials

- Milady’s Standard Cosmetology Textbook (ISBN: 978143059296)
- Milady’s Standard Cosmetology Workbook for Theory (ISBN: 978143059296)
- Milady’s Standard Cosmetology Workbook for Practical (ISBN: 97813905234)
- Milady's Standard Cosmetology Exam Review (ISBN: 9781418049430)

Barber Class Schedule

Day Class: Monday - Friday / 8:45 AM - 3:15 PM (40 week program)
Night Class: Monday - Thursday / 5:45 PM - 9:45 PM (75 week program)

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