massage therapy

The program will prepare and qualify the graduate to take the licensing exam approved by the Florida Board of Massage Therapy. Each student will be presented the knowledge and skills necessary to enter the field of Massage Therapy as an entry-level LMT. The program exceeds the requirements established by the State of Florida and is designed not just to successfully prepare the graduate for licensure but for successful employment and/or self-employment in the Massage Therapy industry. Each graduate of the program will receive a diploma.

program description

The Massage Therapy program is designed to fully prepare students to contribute to the health industry and the wellbeing of clients. The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that exceeds the current state and national average of hours required. It also provides the basic knowledge, tools, ethics and behaviors one needs to successfully practice as a Massage Therapist in any number of health care and wellness settings. No matter how the economy appears today, people are always seeking Massage Therapists to manage stress and relieve pain; these services will always be in demand. Career positions exist in spas, salons, medical practices, resorts, and cruise ships.

clock hours: 600

program Requirements

BMT1100 – Basic Massage Theory – (102 hours)

MCP1162 – Massage Clinical Practicum – (167 hours)

APP1204 – Anatomy & Physiology (186 hours)

BUS2024 – Business Skills for Massage (15 hours)

AMS2076 – Allied Modalities (96 hours)

HIV1003 – HIV/AIDS Education (3 hours)

HYD2015 – Hydrotherapy (15 hours)

FLM1010 – Florida Laws (10 hours)

MES2002 – Medical Errors (2 hours)

PEM2004 – Ethics (4 hours)

massage therapy textbooks & reference materials

  • Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage Textbook (ISBN: 9781435485242)
  • Theory & Practice of Therapeutic Massage Workbook (9781435485259)
  • Basic Clinical Massage Therapy: Integrating Anatomy & Treatment Textbook (9780781756778)
  • The Massage Connection: Anatomy and Physiology (9780781759229)
  • A Massage Therapist’s Guide to Pathology (9781608319107)
  • Review for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork Exams (9781605477121)
  • Board of Massage Therapy Laws and Rules Handout (FL Board of Massage)

massage therapy class schedule

Day Class: Monday – Thursday / 8:45 AM – 3:15 PM (25 week program)
Night Class: Monday – Thursday / 5:45 PM – 9:45 PM (38 week program)

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