Nail Technician

To prepare students to meet the Florida State Board of Cosmetology mandated requirements to become a license Nail Technician.

program description

The Nail Technician program prepares students to become trained professionals in a growing industry. Students participate in a hands-on program of instruction in all areas of nail care, including practical application, related theory, infectious control, and customer service. The program is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge to provide basic manicures. Students may exercise their artistic talents with creative projects in nail design. Students will gain expertise that will equip them to work in nail salons, hotel spas, cruise ships, and at other nail service providers.

clock hours: 240

program requirements

HIV104 (4 Hours) – HIV/AIDS

NT101 (25 hours) – Professional Image

NT102 (25 hours) – Nail Tips & Wraps

NT103 (25 hours) – UV Gels

NT104 (10 hours) – Artificial Nail Removal

NT105 (25 hours) – Monomer Liquids & Polymer Powder

NT106 (10 hours) – Nail Fill-Ins

NT107 (25 hours)– Nail Diseases & Disorders

NT108 (25 hours) – Infectious Control; Principles & Practices

NT109 (5 hours) – Florida Law for Nails

NT110 (11 hours) – Polish & Nail Art

NT111 (25 hours) – Manicuring

NT112 (25 hours) – Pedicuring

Nail technician textbooks & reference materials

  • Milady’s Standard Nail Technology Textbook 

Cosmetology class schedule

Day Class: Monday – Thursday / 8:45 am – 3:15 pm (10 weeks program)


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